Sunday, November 1, 2009

MaMa's Rice Dressing

MaMa's rice dressing isn't one of those "exact" type recipes. Hope you
can follow it:I chop up about 2 cups of giblets, mostly livers and gizzards. I use the ones from the turkey I'm going to cook but also just buy some chicken gizzards
and livers separately. I don't just chop them - I dissect them, removing all
the tendons and gristle-y parts. I really nit pick it, it's not a chore that goes
fast and there is some waste. I just hate fat and stuff on meat. I make them
really small pieces.

Chop a large white onion, a bunch green onions, 5 or 6 stalks celery, about
half a green pepper and cook them with the giblets in part oil/part butter
until soft. Add a couple cups chicken stock and simmer them several hours.
It gets really gray and mushy, it's not a really pretty thing. If I'm doing this
the day before I stop here and refrigerate. The day I cook the turkey I cook
the neck in with all this as well. After it's soft I remove the neck meat and
chop it and add to the giblets.
Make sure this is good and hot and then stir it into hot cooked rice. You
want to use dry rice, you don't want it mushy. I usually cook about 3 cups
raw rice with this amount. Sometimes I add an egg to all this.
Sometimes I add some ground sausage. Often I'll put in some turkey gravy.
MaMa's basic rice dressing didn't add any of this. She put some parsley and
salt in at the end.
I always add some Tony's (Tony seasoning) but she didn't.
She used to make enough to cook 6 cups raw rice!! She made this huge pot
of it.
I go by the smell and look of it and that's how I know it's right. My brother-
in-law adds oysters to it but I hate oysters so I never do.

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